About Us

Excellent prices, outstanding service, and immediate delivery make Triton a leading provider of new and refurbished Cisco networking products for over 15 years.

Triton specializes in the Voice Over IP and IP telephony industry, central office switching and transmission equipment; however, we have access to products from hundreds of manufacturers. From the impossible to find to ubiquitous, our sourcing relationships span the world. Our product portfolio contains a full range of IP routing equipment, wireless systems, security and networking gear available for immediate delivery. Best of all, our prices range from 40% to 80% off the manufacturers list pricing.

We Offer:

  • Fully Tested and Guaranteed Refurbished Products
  • Thousands of products in stock, ready to ship!
  • Overnight Delivery Options
  • Savings of 40-80% off List Prices

    The Triton team is committed to deliver high quality products and extraordinary service to all customers. All networking equipment is tested and inventoried by Triton technical staff in our warehouse using our proprietary processes.

    In 2024, Triton Datacom was acquired by P3 Systems Inc, where it is now a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary.