Triton Datacom's Green Initiative

The re-use of Cisco and other IT equipment has become commonplace over the last 10 years, with products that may be obsolete to one business being state of the art to another.  Triton Datacom Online encourages the re-use of unwanted product by taking surplus equipment from larger businesses and the Public Sector, then placing it with smaller businesses. Often, a company goes through an upgrade and is then forced with making a decision on what to do with the old equipment.

There are now three options for that company - to sell the equipment on to a used equipment specialist, send it for recycling, or dispose of it at a landfill site.  Landfill should be avoided at all costs, with recycling being a greener option for product that is simply too old for use.  However, it is almost always possible to extend the life of Cisco and other IT equipment by selling on to a smaller business.

We supply Cisco and IT equipment to engineers, technicians, SME’s, plus we sell to the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Eastern Bloc, and other developing territories, meaning we can place your unwanted equipment in the right hands, at affordable prices.  Our suppliers come from various sectors, which include the Public Sector, Utilities, Facilities Management, Data Centers, IT Remarketer,  Managed Service Providers, Telecommunications, IT Asset Disposal, and IT Migration.


Equipment Disposal

If you have any networking equipment that you need to dispose of, then contact us and we will provide you with a quotation of what we would pay for the items.  You can rest assured that you have chosen the greenest option for the disposal of your old equipment.

Alternatively, please feel free to call us anytime: 866-785-9950