Switch to VoIP

Thinking of switching to VoIP or tired of your existing carrier? Having been in the industry for over 15 years, let Triton Datacom help! One of our dedicated VoIP experts will discuss your businesses individualized requirements and identify the best carrier for your needs. We will explain what is needed to switch over as well as determine out how much money you could be saving in monthly fees, all while improving your operation's efficiency. If you are already under contract with a VoIP provider, but are unhappy with services provided, we are still able to assist in identifying the unique requirements of your business and getting you set up with the right plan. Use our Livechat popup dialogue on the right to start your journey to VoIP or email us at sales@tritondatacomonline.com

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 Benefits of switching to VoIP from traditional service:

1. Cost Savings - Savings of up to 30% per month on service plus dramatically reduced long distance charges will add up quickly!

2. Portability - Phones do not need to be centralized to the system making it trivial to support teleworkers.

3. Teleconferencing Support - VoIP supports video chatting with clients and coworkers making meetings more productive and interactive.

4. Feature set - Moving to a VoIP system offers immense options for features that are easy to configure and maintain such as Auto Attendant, call routing, paging, voicemail and fax support, music on hold, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system integration with Salesforce and Zoho, and much more!