Triton Smart Support

Advantages of Triton Smart Support:

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Cost Savings

  • 40-70% savings vs. OEM pricing
  • Don’t pay for software updates that are free
  • Break free from the OEM support chains


  • Custom contracts available (monthly & multi-year)
  • Flexible support program types – part and/or tech to site
  • Customize the support model and SLAs
  • Ability to terminate without penalty

Exceptional Support Experience

  • Accelerated repair/response time (8x5xNBD or 24x7x4Hr)
  • Online portal to manage and track tickets
  • Individualized attention
  • Technicians with brand specific knowledge vs just product expertise

Extend Useful Life of Equipment

  • Stop depricating perfectly good, working hardware
  • Upgrade at your own pace
  • OPEX savings and CAPEX avoidance that increases the ROI on your technology investments